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How To Prepare For A Meeting With Your Photographer

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Having your photo taken is a very personal experience. For portrait or wedding photography, the person(s) being photographed must feel comfortable with their photographer. I find that the best way for my potential client and myself to determine if we are a good fit is to have a face-to-face meeting, if possible. So much can be learned about a person …

Bow Bridge Holiday Marriage Proposal

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Mike Cranmer of Marriage Proposals By Mike asked me if I would like to photograph a surprise marriage proposal on the Bow Bridge in Central Park during Christmas week.   Of course, I said yes ! Mike specializes in creating surprise proposals in beautiful locations throughout New York City, the Hamptons and beyond.  He will arrange for a photographer (in …

Why I Don’t Quote Prices Via Email

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Often times, I will get an email requesting prices for my photography services.  Generally, the email inquiries read something like this: Hi – I’m getting married on  (insert date of event here) date.  Are you available ?  How much do you charge ?   Please email me back with your price.  Thanks. My which my response is generally: Hi X, Congratulations …


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