How To Prepare For A Meeting With Your Photographer

Having your photo taken is a very personal experience. For portrait or wedding photography, the person(s) being photographed must feel comfortable with their photographer. I find that the best way for my potential client and myself to determine if we are a good fit is to have a face-to-face meeting, if possible. So much can be learned about a person through body language and connecting and since what I help people express themselves  the mediums of still photography, connecting face to face is really more effective.

Your wedding photos are the primary keepsake of your wedding day. By doing your research and asking the right questions that you will have the kind of wedding photography experience you desire. It is important to make sure that you click in personality, as y3a19892rour photographer will be by your side the entire day, so chemistry play an important role.  A professional photographer listens to your needs and asks questions about any special considerations, needs or concerns that you may have.   For example, is your future mother in law in a wheelchair, which will limit mobility ?

However, there are definitely some questions that the couple needs to consider before the meeting. What kind of wedding photography style are you looking for ? Are for looking for a very formal style or more photojournalism ? What are the mix of candids and formal photos ?

Some questions to consider are what kind of experience are you looking to have with  your photographer ? How do you want to remember your wedding ? What kind of print/album package are you looking for ? We offer some basic packages, but prefer to create customized packages for our clients so you can truly have whattyou want.

Photography and video are custom services, not commodities. Therefore, it is hard to put a “one size fits all” price on weddings and events. Having an idea of what you would like to spend for your project helps us budget effectively.

Asking the right questions opens up a dialog and can lead to much creative brainstorming and ultimately the best photos for your NYC wedding or destination of your choice !

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